Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign

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2021 11 19

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    Unreleased Tracks

    "Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign" is a sweet funk group from Minneapolis that was evolved from four musicians who were friends and all left high school together to play in a band back in early 1970's. In 1973, they released their first and most successful album for MCA under the production of Wayne Henderson who is well known as trombone player of Crusaders. 

    After the release, the band returned to their hometown and started recording in Chitown records studios in 1974~75 but the master tape had not been published by some reasons and forgotten for decades. These unheard treasures recorded in the middle of their career will be finally unveiled for the first time.  

    You'll find how these lost tracks are superb and not any less gripping than their 2nd album released after these recording. 

    You can listen to the single from UK disco label Super Disco Edits which will be released as an advance single of this album. 

    For fans of sweet soul / psych funk.