Black Moon, Enta Da Stage (PICTURE DISC)
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1993 => 2022

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    SIDE A
    1. Powaful Impak!
    2. Niguz Talk Shit
    3. Who Got Da Props?
    4. Ack Like U Want It
    SIDE B
    1. Buck Em Down
    2. Black Smif-N-Wessun
    3. Son Get Wrec
    4. Make Munne
    SIDE C
    1. Slave
    2. I Got Cha Opin
    3. Shit Iz Real
    4. Enta Da Stage
    SIDE D
    1. How Many MC's...
    2. U Da Man
    3. Buck Em Down (Da Beatminerz Remix)
    4. I Got Cha Opin (Vocal)


    BLACK MOON’s 1993 debut album Enta Da Stage was a gamechanger to those it reached. The pulse of the underground and DIY spirit flowed through the release as members Buckshot, 5ft and DJ Evil Dee dug deep into the record that would become an east coast hip-hop classic. Buckshot, front and center, shone with his foot on the gas, and no intention to sweeten the hard-hitting lyrical flow. 5ft carved out his own on “Ack Like You Want It” and “Son get Wrec”. DJ Evil Dee threw down an early career production masterclass on the jazzy “Who Got Da Props?” with Mr. Walt - the first of many production projects for Da Beatminerz. P-VINE is excited to be reissuing the record for the first time as a double picture disc with two bonus tracks off the Buck Em Down 12” to complete this sixteen track deluxe record.