Michael Orr And The Book Of Life, Love Will Rise

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Genre: SOUL / R&B / GOSPEL
Label: P-VINE
Format: 1 LP
Date de parution: 1981
Date de la réedition: 2023


A1. Jesus Is Coming Again 

A2. Love Will Rise 

A3. Hear The Message 

A4. God’s Given Me A Comforter 

A5. Praise Hallelujah 

B1. I Don’t Know You 

B2. This Is A Blessing 

B3. Come Live In My Heart 

B4. Spread Love


★ With Obi-Strip
★ Limited Edition Vinyl
★ Gospel-inspired" "Forget the magician! Featuring Michael Orr front and center in all of his 70s slickness : Love Will Rise!

Best known for his work with soul diva FAY, as well as his iconic, and incredibly rare 1976 album Spread Love (see above), Michael Orr’s talents seem immeasurable. Backed by his hometown band, Book of Life, the two combine in a funky explosion the likes of which hasn’t been seen since! Crate diggers will recognize the name of album closer “Spread Love” from Orr's 1976 album of the same name, yet this is a somehow even funkier recording of the same tune, with a leaner groove and harder beat. Danceable funk has always been Orr's speciality, but he seems to turn the dial up to 11 with this interpretation.

The other side of the Michael Orr coin is title track “Love Will Rise”. With smooth grooves, gentle drumming, and the ever present baritone of Michael Orr himself, the song is a relaxed affair, calling to mind the preacher-esque photo of Orr on the cover. As slick and soulful as it is, the grooves remain unparalleled, unifying the album in a strangely poetic way. Don’t miss Michael Orr and The Book of Life’s Love Will Rise, available on limited edition vinyl with a Japanese obi-strip attached!