Robo Arigo & His Konastone Majesty, Sexy Thing
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    A1 Konastone Ponk

    A2 Girls Reservation

    A3 Get Up Stand Up

    A4 Them Crazy

    B1 I Want You

    B2 Sexy Thing

    B3 I'm Gonna Love You


    Originally released in: 1982

    * Breathtaking Nigerian afro funk

    * For fans of Rick James, Prince, Funkadelic, Parliament, George Clinton, Bob Marley

    * Filled to the last groove with catchy tunes that feature awesome harmonies

    * „Get up stand up“ is a disco funk coverversion of the Bob Marley classic

    * An original affair for fans of groovy Nigerian afro funk

    * Excellent sound and performance by high class professional musicians

    * First ever rerelease on vinyl and CD

    * Fully licensed

    * Remastered audio

    * LP housed in a superheavy 430g art carton cover

    * CD housed in a rock solid jewel case

    * Ultimate collectors item for fans of classic afro funk.

    Robo Arigo is an extraordinary multi-instrumentalist from Nigeria’s Ogun State. A founding member of Pogo Ltd, he played bass, guitar and organ on both their albums and plays all kinds of instruments, including cowbell, on Sexy Thing too. One listen to the record, however, (and a quick look at the back of the cover), and it’s pretty clear that playing bass is where Robo’s heart lay. Especially when he gets to slap it. The slapping starts early on ‘Konastone Ponk’, a dippy, funky track where Robo implores that if his music ‘touches your soul, get up and dance.’ The interplay between bass and guitar is magic ‘ it’s clear that Eno Louis is Nile Rodgers to Robo’s Rick James, with a bit of Prince and Parliament thrown in for good measure. The funk feels dark and dangerous on ‘Girls Reservation’ and gets seriously slinky on ‘Sexy Thing’. I can’t over emphasis what a truly great album this is. The sound is clean and the production is stripped back and funky, a sound Robo would finesse as a producer with his Robbosoneex Music Company in Benin. Listen to the audacious cover of ‘Get Up, Stand Up’, and tell me that you’re not convinced that very Bob Marley songs needs a slap bass break in the middle. You need this record in your life. – Peter Moore