Jerry Goldsmith, Total Recall - LITA 20th Anniversary Edition (COLOR)
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2021 11 19

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    The Film Score

    A1 The Dream 3:38

    A2 First Meeting 1:11

    A3 Secret Agent 0:54

    A4 The Implant 2:44

    A5 Where Am I? 1:07

    A6 The Aftermath 0:33

    A7 Old Times Sake 3:03

    A8 Clever Girl 4:34

    B1 The Johnny Cab 3:50

    B2 Howdy Stranger / The Nose Job 3:54

    B3 The Spaceport 0:50

    B4 A New Face 1:30

    B5 The Mountain 1:31

    B6 Identification 1:02

    B7 Lies 1:04

    B8 Where Am I? 4:00

    B9 Swallow It 3:06

    C1 The Big Jump 4:35

    C2 Without Air 1:17

    C3 Remembering 1:48

    C4 The Mutant 3:16

    C5 The Massacre 2:37

    C6 Friends? 1:39

    C7 The Treatment 5:40

    D1 The Reactor / The Hologram 5:39

    D2 End Of A Dream 5:49

    D3 A New Life 2:25

    D4 End Credits 3:49

    Original 1990 Soundtrack Album

    E1 The Dream 3:34

    E2 The Hologram 5:38

    E2 The Big Jump 4:36

    E4 The Mutant 3:18

    E5 Clever Girl 4:34

    F1 First Meeting 1:12

    F2 The Treatment 5:33

    F3 Where Am I? 3:58

    F4 End Of A Dream 5:49

    F5 A New Life 2:26


    LITA 20 Anniversary Edition: Pressed on Red Vinyl

    Limited to 450 Copies

    Contains a booklet with liner notes by Jeff Bond

    LITA 20th Anniversary Red edition of the complete and iconic Jerry Goldsmith score for Paul Verhoeven’s classic presented in 2 LPs. Remixed and mastered by Bruce Botnick, Lacquer master cut by Bernie Grundman, and produced by Botnick and Neil S.Bulk. It contains a booklet with liner notes by Jeff Bond.