Cumbia Sabrosa Vol. 2: Sonidero Bangers From The Discos Tropical Vaults
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Statut: IN STOCK
Genre: LATIN
Format: 7 INCH, BOXSET
Date de parution: 2024


1. Pacho Galán Y Su Orquesta - Funeral Del Labrador 02:30

2. Orquesta José Ramón Herrera - Cumbia Sabanera 02:10

3. Super Combo Los Platinos - La Reina Y La Cumbia 02:29

4. Cuarteto Del Mónaco - Cumbia Gua Gua 03:39

5. Andrés Landero Y Su Conjunto - El Nacimiento De La Cumbia 02:56

6. Andrés Landero Y Su Conjunto - Sabor De Gaita 02:30


With this new three 45 set, the second in our "Cumbia Sabrosa" series, Rocafort digs deep into the vaults of Discos Tropical to bring you six more vintage cumbia sound system bangers.

Each 45 showcases a different type of flavor with the emphasis on big band brass (Pacho Galán, José Ramón Herrera), electric guitar (Super Combo Los Platinos, Cuarteto Del Mónaco), and accordion (Andrés Landero).

Like its larger rivals Discos Fuentes and Sonolux, Tropical was one of the most influential in the development of cumbia as an important genre not only in its home country of Colombia, but also in Mexico (and beyond), participating in a cross-cultural exchange that would spawn Mexico's own domestic musical artists, sonidero DJs and sound systems, record collectors and a dance scene devoted to tropical music with Colombian roots.

All Tracks Courtesy of Sunflower Entertainment Co., Inc.

o/b/o Discos Fuentes / Miami Records.

Liner notes by writer and historian Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead (of Peace & Rhythm).