Luiz Henrique, Mestiço
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BIS => 2 / 3 WEEKS
1975 => 2022

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40,00 € hors TVA

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    A1 Jandira
    A2 Mestiço
    A3 Sonhar
    A4 Saiandeira
    A5 Say Hello To K.T. (Pra Não Deixar De Sambar)
    B1 Dianne
    B2 Sempre Amor
    B3 Improviso Em Em

    C Here I Am
    D Here I Am - Pt. 2


    "Mestiço" was originally recorded in 1975 to be the first release of Luiz Henrique´s own label Itagra, after coming back from fifteen years as a sucsseful musician in the U.S during the 60´s. Mestiço, meaning, "mixed race" in Portugues plays this exact roll mixing a variety of genres manking it impossible to be labeled a a single bossa-nova or samba-jazz album. Featuring Laércio de Freitas, Tenório Jr. Chico Batera with arrangements by J.T Meirelles, Mestiço was a precious jewel, only pressed 300 copies at the time.

    The Brazilian label, Somatória do Barulho dug deep for the original master tapes for this reissue, and was blessed to find three extra themes, never heard before. A real masterpiece brought back to life, with incredible remaster work and a gatefold version for the beautiful sleeve designed by Florianópolis artist Hassis.

    Includes 7" with bonus tracks.

    Super thick heavy cardboard cover, this is what “deluxe” is meant to be in all terms.