Jaylib, Champion Sound

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    A1 L.A. To Detroit 1:20
    A2 McNasty Filth 2:55
    A3 Nowadays 3:09
    A4 Champion Sound 2:23
    A5 The Red 3:14
    B1 Heavy 4:04
    B2 Raw Shit 3:09
    B3 The Official 3:32
    B4 The Heist 3:06
    C1 The Mission 3:45
    C2 React 2:46
    C3 Strapped 3:13
    C4 Strip Club 2:50
    D1 The Exclusive 1:24
    D2 Survival Test 3:56
    D3 Starz 3:04
    D4 No Games 1:37


    J Dilla and Madlib are Jaylib. It started with Madlib recording verses over J Dilla beats for himself to hear and scrawling "Jaylib" on the homemade CD. Word of this made its way to Detroit and J Dilla suggested they do it "the right way." Champion Sound was recorded in entirely separate cities 2002-2003, with Dilla recording over Madlib beats in Detroit, Madlib recording over Dilla beats in Los Angeles.