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2021 11 19

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    A1. Intro 

    A2. Blue 

    A3. Ruby

    B1. Spirits

    B2. Psychedelic Potato B3. Rotations

    B4. Street Lamp


    Responding to their environment, Amara’s sound is greatly influenced by the cold and dark months of autumn and winter in Glasgow, a city which can be unrelenting in its greyness. It is a product of that. After sifting through hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours of recordings, a narrative slowly formed and Amara began to revisit ideas. It is these ideas that make up this album. The album is the narrative.

    Amara was formed from a jam, and the music in this album came from many months of improvisation. At gigs, at rehearsals, out and about on the streets, Amara would freely improvise with one another, weaving themselves and their spirits together so that, no longer individuals, the musicians became one.