Isaac Hayes, Truck Turner

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    2LP - STAX
    2021 09 10

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    A1 Main Title "Truck Turner"

    A2 House Of Beauty

    A3 Blue's Crib

    A4 Driving In The Sun

    B1 Breakthrough

    B2 Now We're One

    B3 The Duke

    B4 Dorinda's Party

    C1 Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile

    C2 We Need Each Other, Girl

    C3 A House Full Of Girls

    C4 Hospital Shootout

    D1 You're In My Arms Again

    D2 Give It To Me

    D3 Drinking

    D4 The Insurance Company

    D5 End Theme


    Double helping of Isaac Hayes doing what comes naturally, acting it like he plays in these two 1974 movies.


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