Saitana, Jenakuru

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2021 09 24

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    A1 Jenakuru 5:15

    A2 Chocolate Toffee 3:10

    A3 Sonke 5:03

    B1 Friends 3:50

    B2 Maguwa 3:10

    B3 Kaufela 5:03

    B4 Doing My Thing 3:58


    1977’s Jenakuru was self-produced and reveals a slightly darker, somewhat introspective and perhaps more vulnerable side to Saitana. A great admirer of Jimi Hendrix, Satiana often performed solo during this period. “It was really unheard of at the time to perform without a band. He could entertain people like that and a lot of people loved him because he was such a character.” There was also an increasingly Dionysian aspect to Saitana’s routine as a performer - a gradual advance into drunken showmanship akin to Jim Morrison. 

    Taken from the original reels.