SonnyJim x Da Flyy Hooligan x Juganaut, Polo Palace

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    2021 11 19

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    A1. Thirstin Howl 

    A2. Orinoco Backpack 

    A3. Gold Haemoglobin 

    A4. Polo Palace 

    A5. Victorian Bed Spread

    B1. 400.000 In Da Palace 

    B2. Big Crest 

    B3. Palace In Da Cosmos (feat. Rack-Lo) 

    B4. Nat King Coke

    B5. London Boutiques (feat. Thirstin Howl III)


    Three of the most buzzing names in the UK hip-hop scene join forces on this banging collaboration album, aptly introduced by Lo Life general Thirstin Howl III himself, "Polo Palace". SonnyJim, Da Flyy Hooligan and Juga-Naut deliver some grimy verses over productions handled by Sonny, Jugz and NCL-TM, with the help of Rack Lo and Thirstin Howl III to bring some more of that Lo Life vibes to the album!


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