Movements Vol. 11
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BIS => 2022 09 02

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    1. Mari Norleen - Knock Me A Kiss
    2. Jack Carson Combo - Wildwood J.C.
    3. John Lemons Quartet - Ain't It The Truth
    4. Macy & Company - Sixteen Tons
    5. Jimmy Wilkins Orchestra - Snatchin' It Back
    6. Rosie & Eddie - Undun
    7. Vince Mance Trio - Big Boy
    8. Junkyard Angels - See How You Are
    9. Phil Palumbo & Pals - Sidewinder
    10. Dianne Elliott - When He Speaks
    11. Rudy Gutierrez & His Orchestra - Viva Tirado
    12. Bill Beau Trio - Blue Jamaica
    13. Al Duncan - Bawana Jinde
    14. Sleepy Carrethers - The Creeper
    15. Reunion - A Brighter Day
    16. Antelon - Real Life
    17. Harry Hann - Syrene
    18. Natral Ridum - Breezy


    - initial 400 LPs contain a bonus 7" of a RARE funk 45
    - incl. full album download code
    - deluxe double-gatefold LP with detailed liner notes & unseen photographs
    - ALL songs appear on Vinyl LP for the very first-time

    MOVEMENTS Vol.11 – A bag full of rare rhythm & blues, mod-jazz, soul, and mid 70s funk.

    Side A starts with rhythm & blues and jazz from the 1960s. The first three tracks were pulled from hopelessly obscure 7" singles. Macy & Company are responsible for the first 'aha' moment. Their version of "Sixteen Tons" would have certainly astouned even Tennessee Ernie Ford. A truely fantastic version indeed! "Snatchin' It Back" completes the first side with a furious bigband jazz cut.

    Side B is all about mod-jazz. "Undun" is just like "Big Boy" a sure-shot for any dancefloor. Rare Groove DJs will have a lot of fun spinning these tunes in a club. Admittedly, the next one is a strange cut. "See How You Are" was recorded on a whim when they two composers were spontaneously pulled into a studio. High time for 'aha' effect #2. Many bands have tried their hands on a cover version of the Lee Morgan jazz classic, one of them being Mr. Palumbo. Listen closely to Dianne Elliott's contribution as it is a highlight for sure despite the fact von Frau Elliott.

    Side C begins with 'aha' effect #3 and a fantastic cover version of Gerald Wilson's "Viva Tirado". "Blue Jamaica", is the second track on Movements 11 were a vibraphone is the lead instrument. "Bawana Jinde" is a wild, wailing blast of percussive instrumental explosion while "The Creeper" is the perfect choice to finish this side.

    Side D is reserved for proper 1970s funk. The flip side of Reunion's sole 45rpm single was included on a previous Tramp compilation album. "A Brighter Day" has not been compiled yet. "Real Life", "Syrene" and "Breezy" are all prime examples how mid 70s funk has to sound . A dream for B-Boys and B-Girls.

    Those of you who have been enjoying the detective work of the people behind the label over the past 18 years know that the Movements series can be easily considered as the flagship compilation series on Tramp. So, after having listened to the entire selection of this brand new volume we sincerely hope that we will have achieved our aim to surprise, delight, and enlighten you once again!