PPP, Abundance

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    A1 Angel 3:50

    A2 Smoking Mirrors 3:44

    A3 On A Cloud 3:36

    A4 Luv Affair 3:49

    B1 Go, Go, Go 4:10

    B2 Sanctuary 4:15

    B3 Ain't No If's Or Maybe's 4:15

    C1 Pigeon Hole 3:55

    C2 The Ghost Of Aveiro 5:17

    C3 Countless Excuses 3:12

    C4 American Pimp 4:15

    D1 Dirty Secrets 3:43

    D2 Rocket Science 4:15

    D3 Goodbye 1:53

    D4 Abundance 3:28


    Abundance marks the arrival of PPP as a band. They have developed a new sound that's actually more tends to go towards pop, and an album that’s more dynamic and organic than their first. While Triple P brought worldwide notoriety to the Detroit-based PPP production crew and their global collective of like-minded and soulful collaborators, Abundance raises the stakes. Check!While Triple P had a helping hand from an eclectic selection of edgy-peers like Dilla (R.I.P.), Steve Spacek, SA-RA Creative Partners, and Invincible, it also launched the solo careers of previously-unknown vocalists Georgia Anne Muldrow and Tiombe Lockhart. Abundance has a much more focused guest list and shines the spotlight on amazing new talents Coultrain, Karma, and Jamila Raegan. Rather than repeat the successful formula of Triple P, PPP would prefer to progress and develop with new conspirators to keep proceedings fresh. "Coultrain brings the substance and ‘the cool,’ Karma brings the power and fire, Jamila brings style with her unique tone. Together it’s a winning combo," says Waajeed.