Mekbuda, Convincing Delusional
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2020 10 23

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A1 KSpacey

A2 Distant Shining

A3 The Space Of Vibrations

B4 Catatonic Dub

B5 Before The Summer Ends

B6 Love In Ultraviolet


Mekbuda, translated from Arabic, is the “lion’s folded paw” it is also a star in the constellation Gemini. In this case, it is Russia’s preeminent entry into the burgeoning contemporary jazz scene with their debut album Convincing Delusional. As conveyed by their name, the album resides on the cosmic and future- forward side of the jazz spectrum. The quartet consists of Roman Zyryanov on drums, Dmitry Rubanov on bass, Alex Petrov on Rhodes and keys, rounded out by Igor Shilov on trumpet. Heavily informed by the UK’s jazz and electronic scene, spiritual and modal jazz, mixed with ambient and a tinge of hip-hop, Mekbuda’s sound is a heavy brew of instrumental soundscapes. The 6-track album seamlessly crescendoes from uptempo drum and bass to dubbed out rhythmic excursions, all layered within a brooding, spaced-out, and hypnotic atmosphere.