Helena Meirelles, A Rainha Da Viola Caipira

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2021 06 18

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    SIDE A

    1. Guaxo (Popular, arranged by Helena Meirelles)

    2. Saudades Do Meu Velho Pai (Helena Meirelles)

    3. A Familia Arrastapé (Helena Meirelles)

    4. O Passo Do Tico-Tico (Helena Meirelles)

    5. Mercedita (Ramon Sixto Rios)

    6. A Volta da Guira Campana (Helena Meirelles)

    7. Fiquei Sozinha (Helena Meirelles)

    SIDE B

    1. Flor Da Guavira (Helena Meirelles)

    2. Fandango Em Porto (Helena Meirelles)

    3. Chalana (Arlindo Pinto/Mario Zan)

    4. Limpa Banco (Helena Meirelles)

    5. Durcelina (Popular, arranged by Helena Meirelles)

    6. Epitaciana (Helena Meirelles)

    SIDE C

    1. Tropeiro (Popular, arranged by Helena Meirelles)

    2. Cerro Cora (Hermínio Gimenez/Felix Fernandes)

    3. Flor de Jasmin (Helena Meirelles)

    4. Guiomar (Wilson Baptista/Haroldo Lobo)

    5. Quatro Horas de Madrugada (Helena Meirelles)

    6. Rincao Guarani (Helena Meirelles)

    SIDE D

    1. Amelia Boiadeira (Popular, arranged by Helena Meirelles)

    2. Me Pega Por Favor (Délio/Delinha)

    3. 1º de Maio (Helena Meirelles)

    4. Viradouro (Helena Meirelles)

    5. Xote Bem-Te-Vi (Helena Meirelles)

    6. Epitaciana (Helena Meirelles)


    A stunning compilation of the revered Queen of The Viola Caipira, Helena Meirelles, once included in the Top 100 World’s guitar players by Guitar Player Magazine.

    On this double-LP anthology you will face some of the most expressive Helena’s creations. ‘Guaxo’, for example contains an ultra-melodic guitar riff that will stick in your ears for ages while ‘Mercedita’ has an evolving rifferama. ‘Saudades Do Meu Velho Pai’, on the other hand, is a typical baião, a very peculiar Northeastern rhythm in Brazil, de-constructed by her very own style. ‘Flor Da Guavira’ is a delicious caipira-ballad. These are only a few great ones, amongst so many other exquisite, and unusual delights.


    A fascinating journey into one of the lesser covered Brazilian genres, caipira, rich in folk and country music elements. Reissued on vinyl for the first time.


    It’s about time to uncover the most unknown Brazilian music style. Unlike other Brazilian musical traditions as samba and bossa-nova, never ever anything of caipira music has been released outside Brazil. Repairing this huge gap, Vampisoul presents Helena Meirelles – A Rainha da Viola Caipira, a stunning 25-track compilation of the revered Queen Of The Viola Caipira, Mrs Meirelles.

    To start with, what is a viola? It looks like an acoustic guitar but is not. It has nearly the same shape but it is slightly smaller. Instead of the 6 or 12 strings, it has 10 strings, paired in duplets of five strings. It has a very distinctive sound, having an enhanced treble, and a sharper reverb. The sound must be played with a hard pick because its original steel strings are thicker than the ordinary ones.

    The viola is the main symbol of música caipira or, may we call it, caipira sound. Caipira music cannot easily be portrayed as country music or, directly, encapsulated in folk patterns, even though it contains ingredients from both of them. On top of that, it also bears an influence of guarânia (a Paraguayan slow polka played in minor scales) and corrido and ranchera (specific variations of the Mexican folklore). There’s also a shadow of Mexican mariachi-style.

    Everything on Helena’s life or art was exquisite and unique to say the least. Mother of 11 sons, estranged from all of them for 30 years, mid-wife by trade and a very late musician to debut in public (she was 68 years old when she started to record her debut album), she was born on the 13th of August, 1924, and passed away in 2004.

    Considered by the Guitar Player Magazine, one the 100 greatest guitar players of all time, don’t miss the chance to discover a brand new kind of (Brazilian) folk music.