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1. Los Avileños - Cumbia Con Guitarra
2. Tito Chicoma Y Su Orquesta - Ritmo Veregua
3. Freddy Roland Y Su Orquesta - Arroz Con Coco 4. Silvestre Montez - El Diablo
5. Mita Y Su Monte Adentro - El Yoyo
6. Los Kintos -Tin Marin
7. Orquesta Revé - Mi Son Combinado


1. Poppy Y Sus Pirañas – Guayaba
2. Al Valdez – Aprieta
3. Sonora Casino - El Negro Javier
4. Germán Neciosup Y Su Orquesta - Casamiento No 5. La Sonora MAG - El Negro Bembón

6. Ñico Estrada y Su Sonora - La Malanga
7. Melcochita y Karamanduka - Macchu Picchu


This sampler compiles 14 killer tropical tracks for the dance floor, all taken from the vaults of Peru’s MAG records, including cumbias to descargas, boogaloo to salsa. Classic songs such as ‘Arroz Con Coco’ or ‘Aprieta (Oye Como Va),’ and also obscure recordings like the stunning ‘Ritmo Veregua’ by Tito Chicoma or the totally under-the-radar —recorded in Lima— ‘Mi Son Combinado’ by Cuba’s legendary Orquesta Revé.

MAG will turn 70 in 2023 and is a pivotal label in Peruvian music, mainly focused on tropical rhythms although its extensive catalogue also includes rock, pop and jazz recordings. This compilation celebrates the recent addition of Discos MAG to the Vampisoul family, where the best and most elusive titles from the MAG archive will become available again.

MAG has been, since its foundation in 1953, an essential label in the music scene of Peru, allowing the development of the careers of both tropical artists and musicians of other genres. At the head was Don Manuel Antonio Guerrero, its founder, whose name comes from the acronym of the label itself (M.A.G.).

In 2021 MAG was acquired by the Spanish company Distrolux SL, owner of the Munster and Vampisoul record labels, after years of previous collaborations in which some of the most emblematic titles in the catalog were already reissued for the international market: Nils Jazz Ensemble, Sonora Casino, Traffic Sound, Al Valdez, Pax...

”14 MAGníficos” is a 14-track compilation that celebrates a new era in the history of the label, now under the Vampisoul umbrella, with a selection of astonishing dance floor-oriented gems. This is also a perfect introduction to MAG, showcasing the amazing musical variety sported by the Peruvian label throughout the years.

The comp includes juicy Cuban songs like ‘Mi Son Combinado’, an outstanding original taken from the extremely scarce LP recorded by Cuba’s finest Orquesta Revé for MAG in Lima, and the explosive guaracha ‘Tin Marin’ by Los Kintos, a group lead by guitarist Pancho Acosta. Also classic songs such as ‘Arroz Con Coco’ or ‘Aprieta (Oye Como Va),’ and obscure recordings like the stunning ‘Ritmo Veregua’ by Tito Chicoma.