Diabolic, Liar & a Thief (COLOR)

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BIS => 2023 05 19
RSD 2023
2010 => 2023

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44,00 € hors TVA

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    1 Stand By
    2 Frontlines
    3 Riot
    4 Reasons
    5 Soldier's Logic
    6 Order & Chaos
    7 I Don't Wanna Rhyme
    8 Truth Part 2
    9 Nicolai Ros To The Goul (Interlude)
    10 Not Again
    11 Loose Canon
    12 12 Shots
    13 In Common
    14 Modern Day Future
    15 Behind Bars
    16 Right Here
    17 Self Destruction (Outro)


    RSD Exclusive Black & Silver Swirl 

    When Long Island emcee Diabolic broke into the rap scene with a hidden verse on Immortal Technique’s 2001 album Revolutionary Volume 1, it was evident that his explosive, uncut rhyme style would be something underground circles could salivate over. However, despite his obvious prowess on the microphone, empty offers from labels in the beginning stages of his career left him no choice but to steer clear from commitment until the perfect opportunity arose; then came along Viper Records, who gave Diabolic full control of his debut album, Liar & a Thief. With over three years of work put into his inaugural LP, Diabolic rose to the occasion and let the industry know they had a problem on their hands. Produced entirely by the British Columbia-based native, Engineer, Diabolic found the ideal soundscape to complement his enraged, often self-destructive lyricism better than one could expect. Armed with a notable lineup of guest appearances from the likes of ILL BILL, Canibus, Immortal Technique, and Vinnie Paz, combined with Bolic’s razor sharp rhyme schemes that permeate through Engineer’s melodic and articulate production, all lend itself to the perfect storm, and one of the more promising debut efforts that we had hoped would live up to the hype. For the first time ever, Diabolic’s acclaimed debut, Liar & a Thief will be available on vinyl as a 2XLP, in time for RSD 2023. The 17 track LP will be pressed on two black and silver swirled discs in a sturdy 24pt jacket with metallic silver trim.