Stone Axe, Slave of Fear

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    Slave of Fear



    Stone Axe emerged from the ashes of Josefus in 1971. Jerry Ontiberoz, Pete Bailey, Ray Turner along with guitarist Mike Long formed the lineup that recorded probably which is the holy grail of 70s heavy rock/proto-metal singles.

    Slave of Fear/Snakebite is the only recording they made in the band´s short live and this is the first ever reissue, which now includes a kickass cover art and insert with the story of the band plus lyrics and unpublished pictures. The tracks have been remastered, getting a clear sound but with all their power and heaviness. We also have tried to respect the original and iconic Rampart Street Records orange label.

    For fans of Josefus and obscure 70s proto-metal, this is history of USA and Texas hard rock, a totally must have.